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Stoneham Park Ofsted Report 2023

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am delighted to announce that our recent Ofsted Inspection at Stoneham Park Primary Academy has now been published. As you will see from the attached report, the overall grade awarded was ‘Good’. We are particularly proud that we were awarded an ‘Outstanding’ grade in the category of ‘Behaviour & Attitudes.’ 

The two-day inspection was a rigorous process, and we were open and transparent with the inspection team around all aspects of school life and provided a range of evidence to support the process.  

We are particularly pleased that Ofsted recognised the high expectations we have of ourselves and of our pupils’ behaviour and attitudes. Inspectors were impressed with the many strengths of the school including our team’s determination to prepare pupils well for their futures and the rich and engaging curriculum we have been building since we opened. Highlights from the report include: 

Pupils behave exceptionally well at this school. Leaders set high expectations and pupils live up to them in lessons and when playing with their friends.’ 

‘[Pupils] are kind to each other and know the characteristics of being a good friend. Pupils have no concerns about bullying. They feel safe and happy, knowing that staff look after them well.’ 

 ‘Leaders are determined to embed this new school in the community. Pupils enjoy meeting visitors from the neighbourhood, such as the fire service and church.’ 

‘Leaders have worked to create a curriculum which is relevant for their growing school population. They are determined that pupils are well prepared for their future education and life. This learning journey starts in early years, where children experience a rich and engaging curriculum.’ 

‘Pupils learn to read well because leaders ensure that reading sits at the heart of the whole curriculum. A love of reading is promoted through a range of activities which also encourage family involvement.’ 

 ‘Leaders ensure that pupils develop an awareness about difference and diversity. Pupils are accepting in their outlook.’ 

 ‘Governors and trustees are highly committed. They provide appropriate support and challenge in the best interests of the pupils at the school. There is a trust-wide approach to professional development and sharing expertise. Staff embrace the many opportunities this brings alongside the consideration given to their workload and well-being.’ 

The new inspection framework is more rigorous than ever before, and many formerly ‘Outstanding’ schools have been downgraded to ‘Good’ because of the high bar set for schools. To put this into context, there are currently only 3 primary schools in Hampshire that have been awarded the top grade under this latest inspection regime. In essence, to achieve an outstanding grade a school needs to not have any development areas at all. As a new, small, and growing school it is a real challenge not to have any areas for development however, we were very close to achieving this. This is a real accolade, particularly as we opened the school during the pandemic and because our teachers lead multiple subject areas; it demonstrates the incredible commitment and ambition of our staff team.   

The report is a reflection of the hard work, high standards, and resilience of our wonderful children, staff and governors, and I am immensely proud of, and grateful to, all.  

Once again, may I thank all those involved in the inspection itself, especially the staff, governors, and children. We look forward to continuing to work with the whole school community to achieve the very best for every child.  

Kind regards



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