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Our Governors

Being a Local Governor is a rewarding and effective way of making a voluntary contribution to your community and to the lives of local, young people.  Local Governors are appointed by the Trust Board and have a keen interest in the school.

The Headteacher is accountable to the Trust Board, whose role is to set the aims and objectives of the school and monitor progress (together with the Executive Leader), in line with national guidelines.

Each governance role is vital in ensuring the strategic direction of the Trust and the success of each school.  Local Governors provide valuable support governing at a local level and in assisting the Trust Board in fulfilling their legal duties. The Local Governing Body of Stoneham Park Primary will meet regularly and include parents, staff and community representatives.

local governors

Date of appointment:  01 September 2020

Term of office: 4 years

Nicola Wells (Headteacher)

Jay Kew (Staff Governor)

Mat Jane 

Lorene Lee (Parent Governor)

Marelize De Beurs (Parent Governor)

Dominik Stokes 

Caroline Rogers

Laura Whitton

Maggie Hastie (Chair)